By-election to Aberystwyth Town Council - The Result

Bronglais Ward
Lucy Huws (Plaid Cymru)  204 (58%)
Bryony Davies (Lib Dem)  128 (36%)
Huw Fox (Independent)  17 (4%)

Turnout 35%

The story of this election is how Plaid Cymru emerged unscathed after their main opponents poured astonishing resources into this Town Council by-election caused by the forced retirement through illness of a sitting councillor.

The Lib Dems who, like Plaid, had selected a likeable, committed candidate, saturated the area with no fewer than eleven different General Election-style leaflets during the four weeks of the campaign compared to the three produced by Plaid. To place this in perspective, even for the nationally crucial Assembly By-election in Ynys Mon this summer, Plaid produced a total of seven leaflets. 

During what remained a good-natured election at the personal level despite the ferocity of the leafletting, residents in many streets became used to receiving nightly repeat visits by senior Lib Dem politicians whilst the more modest Plaid campaign simply concentrated on the candidate talking to each household once. 

The result is given all the more credibility by the relatively high turnout for an election at this level where no polling cards were published by the Town Council in order to save money. 

The outcome is a tribute to the quality of Lucy Huws (below) as a candidate and to the resilience of the Plaid support in the ward.


  1. Llongyfarchiadau mawr i Lucy ! . Delivering 11 leaflets is terribly counter-productive - if somebody dumped so much banal and misleading junk ( and lets face it, that's what most election leaflets are ) on me , I'd not want to vote again for a decade. Its a wonderful way of 'stirring up apathy' .

  2. Most households will not have had 11 leaflets. All households had 7. During the course of a month.

    And I'm not sure one visit from Baroness Randerson (who was in Aber with an evening to spare) counts as "nightly repeat visits by senior Lib Dem politicians".

    Still, a good natured, enjoyable campaign. Let's do it again sometime.

  3. When I wrote that I hadn't realised Baroness Randerson had visited too! That adds to the point then.

  4. Interesting that the Lib Dems only seem to regard members of the House of Lords as 'senior politicians' and not AMs or MPs.

  5. Llongyfarchiadau i Lucy Huws.

  6. If they aren't up for election they're activists like the rest surely.

  7. Alec DaunceyNovember 14, 2013

    Balanced comments as usual Alun. Congratulations to Lucy Huws as well!
    I'm reluctant to be apologetic about Welsh Lib Dem persistance in offering Bronglais voters a choice!
    Jenny 'Baroness' Randerson was an elected AM and Welsh Government Minister, now she's a Welsh Office minister in London. She was in Aberystwyth fresh from winning more power for Wales through the coalition government. Something both our parties have argued for for a decades, and can both celebrate? I'm reluctant to 'apologise' for the fact that she was up for talking to electors in Bronglais, in the rain, (maybe the fact that it was trick or treat night was a bit keen.... thanks to the small person who gave me marshmallows in Iorwerth ave.).

  8. Thanks Alec. As I said in answer to a previous comment, when I mentioned the number of senior Lib Dems that had been campaigning in the ward I had absolutely no idea that Baroness Randerson had been there as well. Not questioning that she's got a right to do so, it's just the contrast with the more locally-based Plaid campaign that many people in the ward had commented on.

  9. Ceredigion Council has voted to bring two multinational stores to Aberystwyth. Before they can come, the Council must demolish a Daycentre where older people and groups met, 12 town houses and a Drill Hall which could also provide flats in the centre of town.